‘MSC Opera’ crash lands in Venice

2019-06-17T11:51:09+00:00 June 17th, 2019|Safety|

The 2,700 pax cruise ship ‘MSC Opera’rammed a berth and a tourist boat in Venice on 2nd June, injuring five people.
She hit the river boat ‘River Countess’, which was lyingat San Basilio Pier in the Giudecca Canal with 130 people on board.
‘MSC Opera’ was being assisted by two tugs at the time of the incident.
The cause of the accident was thought to have been engine failure, which was coinfirmed by the cruise ship’s Master. Strong currents then helped push her towards the dock, local media reported.
This incident triggered huge demonstrations in Venice aimed at banning large cruise ships from transiting the Guidecca Canal.