Star to maintain Fred.Olsen’s safety equipment

Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines has contracted Star International to provide safety maintenance for its three smaller-sized cruise ships. The five-year partnership includes the annual inspection and repair of firefighting systems and life-saving equipment (including SOLAS inflatable lifejackets) on board the ’Bolette’, ‘Borealis’ and ’Balmoral’. Star’s Managing Director, Matthew Ball, commented: [Read more...]

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VIKAND ties in with Neuron for emergencies at sea

Maritime healthcare provider, VIKAND has partnered with Neuron, a quality of experience (QoE) management platform for things that move, to improve standards of safety and well-being for both passengers and crew. During emergency situations at sea, apps and tech services critical to the response effort [Read more...]

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Survitec achieves lifeboat training standard

Survitec, the survival technology solutions provider, has become one of the first maritime safety companies to achieve ISO 23678:2022 1-4 certification. This important standard was introduced in 2022 to establish the uniform and consistent training of personnel involved in lifeboat inspection, taking into account the [Read more...]

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Royal Caribbean suspends Labadee calls

On 14th March, Royal Caribbean Group (RCI) suspended calls to Labadee, a secluded peninsula in Haiti, for seven days. This follows months of escalating violence in the country, a senior company executive said on social media. The company will continue the suspension of three days advance notice [Read more...]

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Atlantic storm warning given

Global weather service, AccuWeather has warned people and businesses to start preparing for a frenzy of tropical activity that could have major impacts on the US this hurricane season. The AccuWeather 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast envisages 20 to 25 named storms during the period. [Read more...]

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USCG updates ‘Viking Polaris’ accident report

As previously mentioned, the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (NSIA) issued a report on marine casualty involving the cruise ship ‘Viking Polaris’ south-east of Cape Horn on 29th November, 2022. The day before, there was an incident involving one of the ship’s Zodiacs in Antarctica. One [Read more...]

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