Survitec upgrades liferaft rental and servicing scheme

Safety and survival solutions provider, Survitec has rebranded its liferaft rental and exchange service to meet increasing market demand for service flexibility. The new RaftXChange service brings together the company’s liferaft equipment rental and servicing scheme under one offer with the ability to upgrade to [Read more...]

2020-11-14T14:06:04+00:00 November 14th, 2020|Safety|

IMO and WTO in cruise plea to Governments

In a joint statement, the IMO and UN World Tourism Organisation (WTO) have asked the cruise industry and Governments to continue their efforts to enable cruise ship operations to resume safely. The organisations highlighted the importance of the cruise sector to the world’s economy. According [Read more...]

2020-11-14T13:46:33+00:00 November 14th, 2020|Safety|

Vikand joins with DasLab Partner to test guests and crew

Maritime medical and public health service provider, Vikand, and laboratory testing facilitator, DasLab, have co-operated to bring a COVID-19 testing solution for the cruise industry. The alliance claims to provide quick, effective COVID-19 testing solutions for at home and terminal testing as per return-to-service recommendations. [Read more...]

2020-10-26T19:14:53+00:00 October 26th, 2020|Safety|

RCL addresses HVAC

Due to the nature of how COVID-19 is spread, many people have asked Royal Caribbean what the company does to protect passengers from the airborne spread of the virus. Specifically, they want to know how the air will be circulated and filtered on board so [Read more...]

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Anti-collision technology under test

Cyprus-based Offshore Monitoring’s Ladar technology is being tested on board a ropax to help detect objects both on the water’s surface and underneath. Ladar is a light-based laser technology anti-collision system that identifies floating objects on or under the water’s surface, including drifting fishing nets, [Read more...]

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