Portland Port to undergo large upgrade

The UK’s Portland Port is investing £26 mill in a major berth development. Portland has received all the necessary permissions to carry out this project, the port authority claimed. This will involve the replacement of the existing deepwater berth (DWB) by a new extended berth. [Read more...]

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Wärtsilä to digitalise ABP’ maritime operations

Wärtsilä Voyage, part of the Wärtsilä technology group, has signed a five-year agreement with Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK’s leading ports group, to digitalise operations at its 21 ports. This project aims to accelerate the digital transformation of port calls and operations, making them as [Read more...]

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Galveston prepares for more cruise ships

“You’ve got to spend money to make money. This old saying certainly applies to the Port of Galveston’s cruise business,” said  Galveston Port Director and CEO, Rodger Rees in a recent port update. The port is investing an estimated $33 mill in cruise-related infrastructure improvements [Read more...]

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GPH adds three Canary Island ports to its network

Global Ports Holding (GPH) has announced that Global Ports Canary Islands (GPCI), an 80/20 joint venture between GPH and its local partner Sepcan, has completed the competitive RFP process for certain Canary Island cruise ports. GPCI has now received the final acceptance for the concessions [Read more...]

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MSC terminates GPH deal

Last week, Global Ports Holding (GPH) confirmed that it had terminated merger talks with Swiss-based MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC). MSC subsidiary, SAS Shipping Agencies, had approached the world’s largest independent cruise port operator in an attempt to buy it. However, SAS Shipping Agencies said last [Read more...]

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Seine basin set for growth in cruising

Haropa Port (Le Havre, Honfleur, Rouen and Paris) has given an update on cruise ship activity and investments in cruise facilities at the Seine basin ports. In 2022, 130 cruise calls are scheduled for Le Havre. Three new cruise lines (Virgin Voyages, Ambassador Cruise Line [Read more...]

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Genoa upgrades cruise terminals

Genoa is undergoing infrastructure work to upgrade the passenger port quay at Ponte dei Mille East, which is beginning to take shape. According to MedCruise, plans are in hand to equip the berth for new generation cruise vessels, thereby providing Stazioni Marittime with an additional [Read more...]

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