Tenerife joins CLIA (UK)

Tenerife Tourism Corp has joined Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) UK & Ireland as an associate partner. The long-term agreement will enhance Tenerife’s brand awareness across the region, bringing them into CLIA’s wider community of cruise lines, travel agents and associate partners, the corporation claimed. [Read more...]

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Tallinn opens a new sustainable terminal

During the 2021 cruise season, the Port of Tallinn will unveil a new cruise terminal. It is claimed to be the most modern and multi-functional terminal in the region, built to reduce a negative impact on the environment. According to Valdo Kalm, Port of Tallinn’s Chairman [Read more...]

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Cruise Europe attracts Icelandic ports

The Icelandic ports of Reykjavik and Keflavik have joined Cruise Europe. Situated in the middle of the North Atlantic, Iceland is claimed to be a natural destination for the cruise industry. Over the past few years, Reykjavik has become a destination for expedition ships and [Read more...]

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Sassnitz rejoins Cruise Baltic

The northern German port of Sassnitz has rejoined Cruise Baltic. With this new German member, the number of member cruise ports and destinations totals 32 – the highest ever. Sassnitz is a gateway to the island of Rügen and is centrally located in the southwestern [Read more...]

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GPH awarded Taranto

Global Ports Holding has signed a 20-year concession agreement to manage the cruise passenger terminal of the Port of Taranto, Italy. This agreement follows the announcement made by GPH in November last year that the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea had issued an [Read more...]

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Sanary completes cruise ship mooring buoy

Sanary-sur-Mer, part of the Var Provence Cruise Club, has installed a mooring buoy. “This new environmentally friendly equipment helps protect the Posidonia seabed and will allow future cruise ships to be welcomed in the best safety and security conditions,” the Var Provence Cruise Club network said [Read more...]

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