Zinus to deliver cables for cruise and ferry port’s shoreside power system

2024-06-28T17:18:42+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Environment|

Zinus has won a contract from ABB for the delivery of the CRU500 cable management system (CMS) to be fitted at Portsmouth International Port.

This marks the CRU500 first international contract.

The contract entails the delivery of one CMS cruise unit along with three shoreside cabinets, tailored to optimise aesthetics and functionality for the port environment.

Zinus will also establish local representation to provide prompt and efficient services to guarantee uninterrupted operations.

One of the key highlights of the CRU500 CMS is its fully electric design, featuring cables neatly organised within cable chains.

This approach not only enhances safety but also reduces weight, making it the lightest CMS system available for cruise ships in the market today, the company claimed.

The equipment will be used as part of a UK Government funded Zero Emissions Vessels and Infrastructure competition (ZEVI) project, called Sea Change.

This shore power system will operate across the three busiest berths at Portsmouth International Port, which will allow visiting ferry and cruise ships to turn off their engines, as they will be able to ‘plug-in’ and use green electricity to run their on board systems provided from the shore.

Providing shore power will reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality around the port. It is estimated that the system will save over 20,000 tonnes of CO2e per annum from 2027.

“We are immensely proud to secure our first international contract for CMS cruise systems with ABB,” said Geir Arne Bjørkelund, Zinus’ Sales Director, Shore Power.

“This milestone achievement is a great recognition of our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

“We are excited to bring our CRU500 CMS to Portsmouth International Port by the end of March, 2025, and to see it in operation as the first of our cruise units outside Norway,” he said.

Zinus is a supplier of shore power products and autonomous solutions for ports and vessels.