CLIA report looks to the future

Addressing the environment, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has published the ‘Global Cruise Industry Environmental Technologies and Practices Inventory and associated Environmental Report’, which was produced by Oxford Economics (OE). The report, which demonstrates the industry’s commitment to responsible tourism practices and continued progress on [Read more...]

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Major Baltic ferries connect to shore power

Large numbers of goods and passengers are transported daily between the ports of Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. The three Baltic Sea ports have collaborated each investing in onshore power electricity connections to significantly reduce air emission from vessels berthed alongside. As a result, the final [Read more...]

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Seaspan Ferries to reduce GHG emissions

Seaspan Ferries Corp (Seaspan) has become the first Canadian marine company to pilot the use of renewable natural gas (RNG). This trial was aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) produced by its roll-on, roll-off LNG powered ships. Seaspan said that it expected data from [Read more...]

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Carbon capture – a ropax case study

Deltamarin is investing in R&D to gain and maintain the industry-leading knowledge of the technologies implemented on ships, especially in the field of carbon capture. The company explained that one of the emerging technologies that has received less attention in a maritime context is post-combustion [Read more...]

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Le Havre to get shore power connections

Haropa Port, which manages the Seine region ports, has started a project to enable cruise ships to connect to a land-based electricity supply during their calls at Le Havre. Hangar 13 on the Pointe de Floride will be redeveloped to house high-voltage distribution equipment along with conversion systems to adjust quayside [Read more...]

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TraceSafe’s technology attracts Royal Caribbean

Tracesafe a supplier of location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for large-scale industrial and enterprise operations, has announced a wearable technology partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCI). Working in collaboration with RCI’s innovation team, TraceSafe has developed custom wearable devices and bands equipped with long-lasting batteries and [Read more...]

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