Tallink joins ABB’s efficiency initiative

2023-05-26T19:14:43+00:00 May 26th, 2023|Environment|

Tallink Grupp has joined international technology giant ABB’s global sustainability initiative, Energy Efficiency Movement.

Its aim is to enhance environmental protection through increased energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects and activities.

Although Tallink has taken steps to increase the company vessels’ energy efficiency for many years, it was the launch of the latest ropax ‘MyStar’ on the Tallinn/Helsinki route in late 2022 that inspired the company to take the step and join the movement.

‘MyStar’ represents the next generation of passenger ferries, where efficiencies and green solutions are an integral part of every process and function on board.

ABB supplied the ropax’s electrical switchboards, shore power equipment, main electrical engines and generators. ‘MyStar’s’ five generators were manufactured at ABB’s Estonian motors and generators factory.

Using shore power equipment alone during longer ports stays overnight, helps reduce ‘MyStar’ CO2 emissions by 1,344 tonnes a year, Tallink claimed.

“ABB has been a good, reliable partner for us for almost a decade and their technical solutions have enabled us to increase efficiencies on many of our ships and reduce our environmental impact.

“It is always a pleasure to work with a partner, whose goals for a more sustainable future align with our own and who is continuously and pro-actively working to find new solutions to meet those goals.

“By joining the global energy efficiency movement, we are hoping to enhance international co-operation in the area of finding new solutions and also to exchange different sectors’ experiences of environmentally friendly solutions,” Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik (pictured right), Chief Captain and Head of Ship Management at Tallink Grupp, said.

To join ABB’s global movement, companies must pledge to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Tallink Grupp has promised to reduce the absolute emissions of the company’s vessels by 2% annually and similarly to increase energy efficiency of the vessels by 2% per annum.

Tallink Grupp’s vessels’ CO2 emissions have already been reduced by 51.9%, compared to 2009 thanks to different investments into the ships, new solutions and technologies.

According to Jukka Patrikainen (pictured left), ABB Baltics’ Manager, the whole global industrial sector has now turned its attention to increasing co-operation and developing sustainable solutions.

“The ‘we demand and you produce’ way of working has been replaced with a dialogue between the different parties and mutual support, where those who need and order the solutions also expect the producers and manufacturers to pro-actively offer fresh ideas and new technologies for achieving goals in a sustainable way.

“‘MyStar’ is an excellent example of clever and modern solutions, such as optimising software, economical electric engines, and constant application of power to the ship’s propulsion equipment, have helped reduce the ship’s energy consumption, noise and GHG emissions.

“Tallink is a pioneer in shipping and great proof of the fact that even companies with significant infrastructure, can make substantial changes in their fleet and technologies that lead to a cleaner living environment and more sustainable operations,” Patrikainen commented, adding that it definitely pays off for

companies to make investments into energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

Launched in March, 2021, the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement brings together organisations with the common goal of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions globally.