Star Clippers installs Starlink fleetwide

2024-06-28T18:06:35+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Technology|

Star Clippers, the operator of three passenger carrying tall ships, has become one the latest cruise companies to install SpaceX’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology, Starlink.

This allows guests and crew to experience a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection whilst on board, the company said.

On 8th June, 2024, the cruise company launched Starlink’s internet service on board its three ships – ‘Royal Clipper’, ‘Star Clipper’ and ‘Star Flyer’.

Mikael Krafft, owner and President of Star Clippers, said: “The rollout of Starlink on board our ships is a pivotal move for the company in recognising the importance of dependable connectivity whilst at sea.

“Our sailing ships are amongst the most authentic and unique vessels in the world, visiting smaller and remote ports of call, but ensuring our guests and crew can remain in touch with loved ones back home – whilst also enhancing our operational systems on board – is our priority,” he said.

‘Star Flyer’ and ‘Star Clipper’ are able to accommodate 166 guests each, with a crew of 74, while the larger ‘Royal Clipper’ can house 227 pax with 106 crew.