BV helps Brittany Ferries to save emissions

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore (BV Solutions M&O) has developed and delivered a fleet energy and emissions forecast tool to Brittany Ferries. Brittany Ferries approached Bureau Veritas Solutions (BVS), the technical advisory component of Bureau Veritas Group, to support forecasting performance, fuel consumption and greenhouse [Read more...]

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ABB expands partnership with NCLH

ABB and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) have signed a long-term partnership agreement to accelerate the de-carbonisation and digitalisation of the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) fleet. Targeting increased safety and efficiency, the agreement covers 14 existing ships and a further four vessels due for delivery [Read more...]

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Telenor joins Space Norway

Norwegian communications giant, Telenor Satellite has confirmed that the company is now owned by Space Norway, following an approval from the Norwegian Government for the purchase. Telenor Satellite’s CEO, Morten Tengs, said: “We are pleased to be part of an organisation fully-owned by the Norwegian [Read more...]

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Carnival turns to Neuron for connectivity

Neuron, formerly known as ESpace Networks, has partnered with Carnival Corp to accelerate on board connectivity across the global fleet. The company is using Neuron’s vendor-neutral connectivity management platform to further increase operational efficiencies and reliable internet access on its ships. With Neuron, Carnival Corp [Read more...]

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