‘United States’ told to leave Philadelphia berth

2024-06-28T18:08:49+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Technology|

The former Blue Riband of the Atlantic holder, the US ocean liner  ‘United States’, currently laid up in Philadelphia, will have to leave her berth by 12th Sept, 2024,

US District Court Senior Judge, Anita Brody, gave the ruling, due to a dispute between the United States Conservancy and the ship’s landlord, Penn Warehousing, over docking fees.

“While the Conservancy was vindicated in not being compelled to pay a large sum of back rent to the SS United States’ pier operator, the ruling makes clear this iconic American symbol is in peril,” said Conservancy President, Susan Gibbs, the granddaughter of the ship’s designer, William Francis Gibbs.

“The judge’s decision gives us a very limited window to find a new home for the ‘United States’ and raise the resources necessary to move the ship and keep her safe. We must do both to avoid the tragic fate that countless supporters from around the world have worked for over a decade to prevent,” she said.

The Conservancy also said that it has been actively exploring potential pier locations in the Philadelphia area and along the East Coast able to accommodate the former ocean liner.

“We have also been engaging in targeted outreach to federal and state officials who could help with that effort,” the group said in a statement.