Solar Solve delivers screens to ‘Aurora’

2022-02-25T23:47:56+00:00 February 25th, 2022|Technology|

South Shields, UK-based Solar Solve Marine recently dispatched 49 of its type approved, SOLASAFE anti-glare roller sunscreens to Carnival UK in Southampton.

They will be used to replace the old screens fitted to the navigation bridge windows of P&O’s adults only cruise ship ‘Aurora’. She was built in Papenburg, Germany in 2000.

At 270 m long, ‘Aurora’ is P&O’s smallest ship.  She can accommodate 1,874 pax and 860 crew.

John Lightfoot, MBE, Solar Solve Chairman, commented, “The vessel’s 2022 itinerary includes a 99-night world cruise that will almost certainly involve many hot and sunny days.

“However, the personnel who work on the navigation bridge will be able to create a safer and more comfortable working environment, simply by lowering the SOLASAFE roller sunscreens, so that they are protected from the solar glare, heat and UV radiation,” he said.