Seadream retrofits shore power systems

2024-06-14T22:39:36+00:00 June 14th, 2024|Environment|

SeaDream Yacht Club has upgraded its fleet by fitting shore power connectivity systems.

With the installation of shore power technology, both SeaDream yachts can turn off their engines and reduce emissions to zero in ports that offer such facilities.

“This is an important milestone and a significant step in our journey to more sustainable cruising,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club.

‘SeaDream II’ completed the upgrade last Autumn, while ‘SeaDream I’ successfully underwent the upgrade during a recent docking at the Naval Rocha Yard in Lisbon, Portugal.

The upgrades make SeaDream Yacht Club the first luxury cruise line to retrofit its entire fleet with shore power connectivity, the company claimed.

This summer, both SeaDream yachts will explore Mediterranean yachting harbors, including the Greek Islands and the French and Italian Rivieras, before sailing to the Caribbean for the 2024/25 winter season.

“Visiting some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet comes with a responsibility. We are committed to having a positive impact in the communities and destinations we visit. Our employees, our guests, and our partners are all an important part of our ambition to inspire more sustainable travel,” said Brynestad.

‘Seadream 1’s’ drydocking also marked the final step in a full keel-to-mast upgrade of SeaDream’s twin yachts.

The $10 mill plus project included upgrades of all suites, staterooms, public areas, and open deck spaces on both yachts.

Featuring new and modern décor, while retaining the intimate luxury of the SeaDream yachts, the upgrades also included enhanced stateroom space, and luxurious lounging spaces, such as the open deck area forward on Deck 6, featuring hammocks, a golf simulator, plush sun loungers, and two new couples’ hot tubs with unobstructed views.

The project also saw SeaDream’s marinas expanded by adding the first and only water slide on a cruise ship to connect directly from ship to sea.

During the spring drydock, ’SeaDream I’ upgraded the panoramic gym, as well as the sauna, and the SeaDream Spa – the only Thai-certified spa at sea.