Roxtec transits fitted on ‘Mein Schiff 6’

2017-08-30T12:15:06+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Technology|

TUI Cruises ‘Mein Schiff 6’ was fitted thousands of Roxtec transits to provide certified protection against fire, gas, water and electromagnetic incidents.

Co-owner Royal Caribbean and shipyard Meyer Turku in Finland continued to co-operate with Roxtec to enable the use of more plastic and composite pipes.

“Roxtec transits make it cost-efficient to install light-weight and long-lasting plastic pipes,” said Berth Strömborg, senior superintendent of Royal Caribbean.

Some 6,065 openings for cables and pipes in decks, bulkheads and cabinets are sealed with Roxtec transits. The seals are used in the engine room, as well as in passenger areas, and many of them include spare capacity for additional cables and pipes.

“It is good to have one supplier for all pipe systems,” said Antti Laaksonen, responsible for HVAC and catering design at Meyer Turku.

Mika Tuokko, head of electrical outfitting at Meyer Turku, said 100 installers worked with Roxtec cable seals on the new cruise liner: “The most important thing is to keep up the speed by handling fewer items. By using Roxtec instead of other systems we avoid 50 items in stock for each transit,”he explained.