MSC opts for GE’s propulsion technology

2023-05-12T16:33:52+00:00 May 12th, 2023|Technology|

MSC’s largest cruise ship, ‘MSC World Europa’, has been fitted with GE Power Conversion’s in-board propulsion system.

GE Power Conversion was selected by shipbuilder Chantiers de l’Atlantique to equip the first two of the ‘World’ class vessels, MSC Cruises’ latest ship class, for improved propulsion performance.

The first ship, ‘MSC World Europa’, is now in operation and the second vessel is currently under construction.

She represents the 18th MSC vessel to be powered by GE’s electric propulsion system.

GE Power Conversion’s energy-efficient PWM induction technology, such as that installed on board ‘MSC World Europa’, can help fleet operators comply with ‘clean ship’ regulations, while also helping to reduce operating costs in today’s competitive market, the company said.

The LNG dual-fuel vessels are propelled by the most powerful cruise ship electrical motors in operation thus far – two 25 MW, 120-127.5 rev/min induction motors, which are fed by four press-pack IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) PWM MV7000 converters.

GE’s scope also includes four propulsion transformers and remote control for on board propulsion, technology that can contribute to improved propulsion reliability and lower maintenance costs during the vessels’ operating life cycle.

Emilio LaScala, President & Managing Director at MSC Cruise Management, said: “Against the backdrop of a competitive environment, we are confident that GE’s proven electric propulsion technology is the ideal choice for our fleet. It will bring reduced operating costs and improved propulsion performance, ideally suited for our next generation of cruise vessels.”

The company explained that the induction technology developed about two decades ago was first used by the world’s navies.

Today, it is used widely for a range of vessels, which require optimum performance and power output in the multi-megawatt class for electric power and propulsion efficiency.

“For delivery of long-term performance, in-board electric propulsion technology is optimal for cruise vessels as it can deliver a robust power source that balances energy efficiency and propulsion reliability with a reduction in maintenance costs,” explained Loïc Thiébaut, Merchant Marine Business Leader at GE Power Conversion.

“GE has pioneered the use of both high-power induction motors and PWM for marine operations and has demonstrated a track record of applying this technology efficiently in the powering of worldwide cruise vessels.

“We value our long-standing relationship with MSC Cruises and recently also expanded our contribution to the MSC fleet with the fit of the fourth vessel in the Seaside series, ‘MSC Seascape’. It’s just one of the 17 MSC cruise vessels sailing with GE’s electric propulsion technology.

“GE Power Conversion looks forward to continuing successful collaborative partnerships with world-leading shipyards, such as Chantiers de l’Atlantique and supporting them on the path to de-carbonisation, without compromising on operational performance,” he said.