Mediterranean bio-fuel bunkering operation

2023-04-28T19:48:23+00:00 April 28th, 2023|Environment|

TotalEnergies Marine Fuels has completed the first bio-fuel bunkering operation in the Mediterranean from a French port.

During a trial carried out in Toulon, 100 tonnes of bio-fuel, consisting of diesel fuel (MGO) and 30% of biomolecules (FAME – fatty acid methylester) produced from used cooking oils and ISCC certified, were delivered by truck to the ‘Mega Express Two’ Corsica Ferries’ ropax.

According to a well-to-wake estimate (the complete value chain), the bio-fuel allows a reduction of around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions per year, compared to conventional marine fuel.

This test follows the first bio-fuels bunkering operation undertaken by TotalEnergies Marine Fuels in Singapore last year and the launch of a first commercial contract for the supply of bio-fuels with Hapag Lloyd in Singapore in the start of 2023.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with Corsica Ferries to carry out our first bio-fuel bunkering operation in the Mediterranean from a French port, ” said Louise Tricoire, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels Director.

“This test allows us to take an additional step towards setting up a local industry supply of marine bio-fuels around the main bunkering hubs in Europe, to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint according to their plans for de-carbonisation.”

“At Corsica Ferries, we are delighted to launch this bio-fuel trial on our vessels,” added Jean-Charles Teurlay, Corsica Ferries’ fuel purchasing manager.

“We have been working for several years on limiting our carbon footprint and are ahead of almost all new regulations for the decrease. We are convinced that the future of maritime transport depends on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, and this trial allows us to test a promising new alternative to traditional fuel.

“The cooking oils from the galleys of our ships have already been recycled for two years in bio-fuel by a Toulon company and the idea of establishing a virtuous circle by using a bio-fuel for the propulsion of our ferries is particularly interesting.

“We are enthusiastic about the idea of seeing the results of this trial and intensifying the implementation of more respect for the environment within the company,” he said.