LR signs three-year Mercy Ships corporate sponsorship

2022-06-27T15:47:04+00:00 June 27th, 2022|Marketing|

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has agreed a three-year corporate partnership with Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships is an international development organisation that deploys hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering free healthcare to people in desperate need.

Building on more than 40 years of co-operation, with LR supporting the construction of the world’s first purpose-built civilian hospital ship ’Global Mercy’, the partnership will focus on funding safety training for crew and officers from around the world who serve on both ships operated by the organisation, the class society said.

As part of the programme, Mercy Ships will release annual impact reports to measure success and ensure that the funding is used effectively.

More than 50% of the world’s population live near the coast, meaning hospital ships are an extremely effective method of reaching those in surgical/medical need, LR explained.

‘Global Mercy’ has joined ’Africa Mercy’, doubling the capacity for the charity’s surgery and treatment in West Africa.  Currently, unmet surgical needs sit at 87% and 80%, respectively for both regions, whilst the impact of COVID-19 has made the need greater in a continent that has only one doctor for 100,000 people.

Philippa Charlton, LR’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Both Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships are social purpose organisations focused on delivering measurable outcomes. We have been working together since 1978 and this sponsorship programme will ensure that those who support Mercy Ships help vulnerable people in surgical need can readily access the maritime safety training they require.”

Jim Paterson, Mercy Ships’ Marine Executive Consultant, added: “It has been my privilege to work closely with LR during my 35 years with Mercy Ships. We have collaborated on the general operations of our small fleet and most recently on the successful delivery of the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. I appreciate the fact that the LR team are always willing to work together with us to find solutions to every challenge that arises.”