Two steel cutting ceremonies for environmentally friendly cruise ships

2022-06-27T15:44:58+00:00 June 27th, 2022|Ships|

The steel cutting of the first of two LNG powered cruise ships for TUI Cruises, a joint venture between TUI and Royal Caribbean Cruises, took place in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) at Centro Servizi Navali.

This company specialises in logistics and production of sheet metal for the Fincantieri yards located in northeastern Italy. The new ships will be built at the Monfalcone shipyard and delivered in 2024 and in 2026, respectively.

The 160,000 gt cruise ships are set to become the backbone of the future TUI Cruises’ fleet, Fincantieri said. The order was based on a prototype project developed by Fincantieri, which enhances TUI Cruises’ modernity and sustainability, the shipbuilder said.

With an innovative product configuration, energy efficiency lies at the heart of the project, with the twofold objective of reducing fuel consumption and minimising their environmental impact, according to the latest industry regulations.

Fincantieri is also studying the possibility of enabling them to operate in the future with low-emission biofuels. In addition, they will be equipped with improved catalytic converters (SCRs) (compliant with the Euro 6 standard) and shore power connections.

This ensures almost emission-free ship operation while in port (about 40% of the total operating time). Finally, the ships will be equipped with a more efficient and innovative waste treatment system that can shred organic waste by using thermal treatment.

In another ceremony on 14th June, the traditional steel-cutting has initiated the construction of the last ship in the ‘Mein Schiff’ series – ‘Mein Schiff 7’- for the TUI Group at the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland.

“We are really excited to continue the long and successful partnership with TUI Cruises. We have again been focusing on optimising the design in regards of energy efficiency and technologies to increase sustainability and make this ship the finest in the entire series,” said Tim Meyer, Meyer Turku CEO.

Wybcke Meier, TUI Cruises CEO, added: “After two years of pandemics, we have returned to our course and will continue to grow as planned. ‘Mein Schiff 7’ will take us forward in our work for more environmentally friendly cruise tourism.

“The ship will be built so that it can be used with methanol. In addition, the ship’s operations in the port are almost emission-free. ‘Mein Schiff 7’ is an important milestone in our efforts to provide the first climate-neutral cruises by 2030.”