‘Havila Capella’s’ insurance problems

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected an application for an exemption in order to insure Havila Kystruten’s first vessel ‘Havila Capella’. The Ministry had made a decision on 26th April 2022 to grant Havila an exemption from the sanctions regulations, which were aimed [Read more...]

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Cyprus/Greece ferry contract awarded

Scandro Holding has been awarded the Cyprus Government contract to restart a passenger ferry link between Cyprus and Greece, after a 21-year absence.   This company is a joint venture between shipmanagement concern, Acheon Akti and tour operator Top Kinisis. This company was formed with the specific aim of [Read more...]

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The return of the cruise ships

With most, if not all, the US-based cruise ships due to return to service this year, the US cruising scene looks to be returning to something akin to normality. Furthermore, the USA is by far the world’s largest region by the number of ships and [Read more...]

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Cruise ship score card app wins award

The Cruise Ship National Centre of Expertise’s (CSNCOE) Cruise Ship Scorecard app has won a US Coast Guard (USCG) award. Called the Cruise Ship Scorecard Prevention Measurement Tool, this system was developed by CSNCOE as an app to help examiners measure non-compliance and the risk mitigation that [Read more...]

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New craft developed for luxury tourism

Following the recent introduction of SHADOWCAT and Triton Submarine’s SHADOWLARK Launch and Recovery Craft (LARC) for personal submersibles, at Seatrade Miami, the companies announced a new commercial LARC concept designed for the luxury tourism industry. SHADOWCAT, a designer and manufacturer of civilian submersibles, developed this [Read more...]

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Wallem gears up for the Asian cruise restart

Dickson Chin, Wallem Ship Agency’s Managing Director (pictured), offers an unique insight into the company’s role in supporting Asian cruising and explains how operators and local port authorities are preparing for the relaunch. As Asia’s leading cruise ship agent, Wallem has contracts with 33 cruise [Read more...]

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MLS scoops Inmarsat award

Inmarsat has confirmed that e-learning technology and service provider Marine Learning Systems (MLS) was the winner of the inaugural Inmarsat Ferry Open Innovation Challenge. This is a competition inviting start-ups and SMEs to propose digital solutions that promise to enhance the working lives of ferry [Read more...]

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