Hurtigruten to introduce underwater drones

2017-09-14T18:26:15+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Entertainment|

Underwater drone creators, Blueye Robotics and expedition cruise ship operator Hurtigruten, plan to introduce underwater drones as part of the guest experience on Worldwide expedition cruises.

Recently launched, Blueye Pioneer is an underwater drone that can dive eight times deeper than the average scuba enthusiast –up to 150 m deep.

This is the first time that expedition cruise ships are offering underwater drone technology to guests, the company claimed. Initially, Hurtigruten will purchase 60 Pioneer type drones for six of its ships.

Blueye Pioneer not only goes deeper than any other consumer underwater drone, but also its HD wide-angle video camera employs special technologies that work in low- light conditions to stream true- colour images live

to screens on the Hurtigruten ships, or to personal smart devices (phones, tablets etc) and even to the digital diving masks worn by guests in smaller explorer boats. Blueye launched the Pioneer underwater drone in June of this year, offering the market an affordable, high-quality product, which is claimed to have exceptional capabilities previously found only in professional equipment used by film makers, oceanographers and the military.

“Hurtigruten is building the world’s greenest and most advanced expedition ships. With the introduction of underwater drones, we are adding a new Dimension for our guests,” said Hurtigruten CEO, Daniel Skjeldam.

“Blueye’s technology makes it possible to stream live images of whales, shipwrecks and marine wild life–and everything else existing below the surface directly to screens on board the ships, or to the digital diving masks worn by guests In smaller expedition boats. “This collaboration offers exciting opportunities, and a whole new tool for the expedition crew,” said Christine Spiten, Blueye co-founder and chief global strategist.

Developed in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Ocean where Hurtigruten has sailed for 125 years, the Blueye Pioneer drone combines its compact size of 15 pounds, the power of four robust thrusters and extreme underwater stability. Hurtigruten offers voyages to some of the world’s most remote and pristine waters and destinations, such as Antarctica, the Northwest Passage, Arctic Canada, Greenland, The Amazones, Svalbard and the Norwegian coast.

“With underwater drones on our ships, we can take our guests to areas less explored than the surface of Mars. This provides the opportunity for adventurous guests to become real explorers,” Skjeldam said, adding that all findings and relevant video material will be made available for scientists. The Blueye Pioneer drones will be available to Hurtigruten’s guests in 2018.