Fincantieri to move into Baoshan

2018-11-18T14:40:41+00:00 November 18th, 2018|Marketing|

Fincantieri CEO, Giuseppe Bono (pictured), and the District Mayor of Baoshan, Fan Shaojun, have signed contracts aimed at creating a cruise hub.

This will be primarily dedicated to activities in this sector, including shipbuilding and maritime operations.
As part of the agreements between Fincantieri, CSSC and Carnival Corp announced in February, 2017 and related to the construction of two cruise ships, the first ever made in China for the local market, the hub will act as an industrial basin to facilitate production equipment supply.

Today, 70% of the total value of a modern cruise ship is realised through the supply of equipment, Fincantieri explained.

Baoshan district will provide financing, tax commercial and administrative benefits, land for necessary development and other resources, in the light of possible establishment of foreign companies, introduced by the partners.
Fincantieri, has given broad support to the district in defining the preferential policies to attract suppliers and will promote the park within its network and in the industry as a whole, as a base for companies, which want to access to the opportunities of this project.

The Group’s intention is to become a lever for the establishment in China of its supply chain or of other SMBs, which would greatly benefit from this operation, the company said.