DeCurtis’ health and safety maturity model

2020-06-16T08:36:11+00:00 June 16th, 2020|Safety|

DeCurtis Corp, a provider of solutions to the cruise industry, has created a Health and Safety Maturity Model (HSMM) to serve as a starting point for health standard levels.

The company said that the HSMM can mature to include the use of a wide array of new technologies, as well as current safety standards, making improvements to the health, safety and security of group environments.

“Trust must be built between the venue, employees and guests that a safer environment has been created post-pandemic,” said Matt Winans, Vice President, Safety & Security, DeCurtis Corp. “We believe the Health and Safety Maturity Model is a step in that direction, providing leadership and a set of standards to earn back that trust.”
This model proposes digitised health reporting, edge mitigation (in the form of temperature screening) and storage of health screening data in a secure and time-bound manner, as the minimum path to meet before launch or reopening.
After minimum requirements are met, secure venues can opt to enhanced safety protocols, such as location and proximity integration for effective contact tracing and retro-active timelines to combat the spread of illness, as well as integration of advanced biometrics for real-time reporting.

The aim is to assist in raising the health and safety standards to new levels and re-establish confidence with employees and guests via transparent communication.

Another important feature of this cohesive framework approach is its adaptability, the company explained. As more information on the epidemiology of any illness becomes known, the levels outlined in the HSMM can evolve, adding new technology integrations and tools and negating the need for an entirely new model to maintain health standards.
“While cruise has historically done more than practically any other form of travel, this most recent crisis has emphasised that the ‘more’ was simply not enough,” said Derek Fournier, DeCurtis Corp President. “Proposing a set of standards to help cruise lines and other industries re-build trust with guests, employees and the public at large is how we can be part of the solution to the global problem.”