Carnival’s Capt Nash takes up NI reins

2018-06-15T10:02:39+00:00 June 15th, 2018|Appointments|

The newly elected President of The Nautical Institute (NI), Capt Nick Nash (pictured) is Senior Master on board Carnival Corp’s 144,000 gt, 3650 pax ‘Royal Princess’.

He also teaches at the group’s simulator training facility outside Amsterdam, where he is a part-time lecturer on bridge resource management and shiphandling.

He has pledged to help in its efforts to improve standards of shiphandling and bridge resource management.
The NI has recently published a shiphandling logbook aimed at providing users with an essential tool to help them manage the development of their skills and take advantage of training opportunities.
“Shiphandling is probably the most important skill for mariners and one of the most difficult to practice,” said Nash at the Institute’s AGM held in Malta recently. “It is very important to gain sea-time experience and develop shiphandling skills.”

Mariners using the logbook can record and reflect on their experiences, provide evidence of what has been learned, identify gaps and be encouraged to take opportunities to learn more.
Nash also served as Vice President and Senior Vice President of The NI and is an active and enthusiastic member of Council.

The AGM also saw further changes, as Capt James Robinson handed over as Chairman of the Institute’s Executive Board to Peter Hinchliffe, and Capt Robbie Middleton handed over his role of Treasurer to Capt Duncan Telfer.