Baleària introduces MTTS LNG bunkering in Valencia

2020-01-13T11:18:59+00:00 January 13th, 2020|Technology|

Spanish ferry operator Baleària has established a natural gas supply service at Valencia using a so-called multi truck to ship (MTTS) bunkering system.

During the operation carried out on 29th December, 2019, two trucks were used with a loading capacity of 95 cu m per hour and an unloading time of 55 minutes.

LNG was supplied to the company’s newbuilding, ‘Hypatia de Alejandría’, which currently operates between Valencia, Ibiza and Palma (Maj).
The high-speed bunkering system enables several tank trailers to operate simultaneously, to supply LNG to a vessel. Compared to the traditional truck to ship (TTS) method where a single truck is used, the MTTS is much faster, the company said.

Following trials, the shipping company plans to use this method on a daily basis after receiving an approval from the Port Authority of Valencia.

In November, 2019, Baleària conducted the first LNG MTTS bunkering in Spain in co-operation with CMC Cerezuela and ESK. The MTTS supply method was tested at Huelva, on the ferry ‘Marie Curie’.

Baleària has been working on LNG-related projects since 2012 and is a founding member of the Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (GASNAM).

For example, the shipping company has invested €200 mill in the construction of ‘Hypatia de Alejandría’ and ‘Marie Curie’, which are claimed to be the first gas-propelled ropax ferries operating in the Mediterranean.

In addition, the company has ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’ on order at the Armon de Gijón shipyard. The ship is said to be the world’s first dual-fuel fast ferry for passengers and cargo.

Baleària is also undertaking the conversion of six vessels to operate on LNG. The 20,238 gt ropax ‘Bahama Mama’ is currently at Gibdock undergoing conversion.

As part of a total investment of €380 mill, Baleària will have nine LNG-powered ships in its fleet this year.