Anuvu extends RCI partnership

2022-03-13T10:49:15+00:00 March 13th, 2022|Technology|

Anuvu has extended its partnership with Royal Caribbean Group (RCI).

The company is a provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for worldwide mobility markets and will continue to provide all Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity and Silversea cruise ships with entertainment content using the company’s MTN-TV and MON200 services.

“Royal Caribbean Group is known for delivering top-tier, tailored cruise experiences, which means offering a wide variety of entertainment for their worldwide audience,” said Erik Carlsen, Anuvu’s Senior Vice President, Maritime Connectivity (pictured).

“With Anuvu, passengers on board Royal Caribbean Group’s 60 ships stay entertained with the best content offerings today.”

“Anuvu has for years provided creative content for our multicultural customer base, recognising and responding to the increasingly important role of in-cabin entertainment,” said Tim Exner, Celebrity’s Manager of Entertainment Broadcast and Media.

“They’ve been smart, flexible and agile, as our itineraries and needs have evolved and we look forward to exceeding passenger expectations together.”

Entering its 13th year of operations, Anuvu’s MTN-TV continues to evolve and grow, providing cabin entertainment to the global cruise industry. It provides cruise lines with live global television and movie content, featuring 37 channels of Live TV available in seven different languages.

Anuvu’s MON200 also offers 12 additional bespoke channels.