Zinus to fit power charging system on Buquebus’ large ropax

2023-12-28T18:51:03+00:00 December 28th, 2023|Environment|

Power equipment supplier, Zinus has won a contract to supply its autonomous charging solution to the world’s first zero-emissions, lightweight ropax.

This vessel is set to revolutionise maritime operations, offering a glimpse into a greener and more sustainable future for the entire industry, the company claimed.

Built by Incat Tasmania and commissioned by South American ferry operator, Buquebús, the ropax will operate between Argentina and Uruguay, carrying up to 2,100 pax and 225 vehicles.

Zinus will supply the autonomous charging solution, which includes a SWC200 on board unit and ZPP800 charging tower solution. This technology will allow the vessel to connect to the shore and charge its batteries efficiently.

“The significance of this project cannot be overstated,” said Ronny Olson, Zinus’ Sales Manager. “This ropax ferry represents a giant leap towards de-carbonised maritime operations. We are thrilled to contribute our innovative charging solution to this groundbreaking initiative.”

What sets this project apart is the sheer scale and innovation involved, Zinus said, as the fully electric ferry will have an overall length of 130 m, making her the largest vessel of her kind.

The battery modules and energy storage system on board will be four times larger than those on any other electric or hybrid ship currently in operation.

Zinus’ autonomous charging solution is designed and ready to handle the increased demand, with double the current output, compared to its previous systems. The output capacity for this project is 16,000ADC/8,000AAC, ensuring efficient and rapid charging.