Wasaline looks at eMethanol

2024-03-27T18:34:58+00:00 March 27th, 2024|Technology|

Liquid Wind, Umeå Energi and Wasaline have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for the sale and purchase of eMethanol from the eFuel facility in Umeå, Sweden.

Under the LoI, Liquid Wind, Umeå Energi and Wasaline will explore opportunities to fuel the world’s northernmost shipping line with eMethanol from FlagshipTHREE in Umeå.

Wasaline’s hybrid ferry, ‘Aurora Botnia’, is already equipped with dual-fuel engines and batteries and the company’s goal is to fully de-carbonise its ferry operations between Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden.

Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind, said: “We are proud to partner with Wasaline to power the ‘Aurora Botnia’ ferry with eMethanol.

“The Letter of Intent showcases the strong possibilities and growing demand for eFuels in the Nordics and beyond. Together with Umeå Energi, we are now putting local and regional infrastructure and supply in place, in Northern Sweden,” he said.

Jan Ridfeldt, Umeå Energi CEO, added: “I am delighted that we are expanding our alliance with Liquid Wind and welcoming Wasaline to our esteemed list of partners. This cross-border collaboration is pivotal for us as we strive to make the essential shift towards a sustainable future.”

Peter Ståhlberg, Managing Director of Wasaline, commented: “Together with Liquid Wind and Umeå Energi, we are investigating the possibilities and challenges in de-carbonising our route as part of a green corridor between Vaasa and Umeå.

“By using eMethanol as one option, we would use electrofuel that is locally produced, which also minimises the transport distances. We are eager to investigate this option together,” he said.

Production at Liquid Wind’s eFuel facility FlagshipTHREE is expected to begin in 2027, with 100,000 tonnes per year of eMethanol.