Wärtsilä delivers Polar expedition cruise vessel’s bridge system

2021-11-12T18:26:50+00:00 November 12th, 2021|Technology|

Wärtsilä Voyage has delivered an integrated bridge and navigation system to the Polar cruise vessel ‘National Geographic Resolution’.

Built at Ulstein Verft shipyard, Lindblad Expeditions Holdings took delivery of the expedition cruise ship in September, 2021.

With her sistership ‘National Geographic Endurance’, she is the second vessel of two explorer vessels to have Ulstein’s signature X-BOW, the inverted bow concept, combined with Wärtsilä’s integrated bridge and navigation system fitted on board to enables optimal fuel-efficiency and safety even in the harshest Polar conditions.

The contract with Wärtsilä Voyage was signed in June, 2019 and, after successfully completing her sea trials in September, 2021, ‘National Geographic Resolution’ is due to sail on her inaugural Polar voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands on 17th November, 2021.

Wärtsilä Voyage’s team worked in close co-operation with the shipyard to develop and meet the exact navigational and safety requirements of a Polar cruise vessel that is expected to sail long distances in extremely harsh and unpredictable environments carrying around 126 passengers, plus crew, on board.

She was fitted with a complete package of Wärtsilä bridge consoles and the Nacos Platinum Integrated Navigation System consisting of 10 Multipilot Platinum Navigation workstations, four Datapilot Platinum information display, a 55 inch Planning station, a dual Trackpilot Platinum integrated track steering system, Dynamic Positioning System, Sound Reception System, uninterruptable power system (UPS), a weather station, Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), Bridge Alarm Management and Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS).

Along with military-grade infra-red cameras that allow guests to easily spot wildlife and ice ahead of the ship, the solution includes one S-band and two X-band radars integrated into the Nacos Platinum system to provide 360 deg situational awareness capabilities that allow the Master and the crew to concentrate on their primary task – safe navigation.

The system also includes an Integrated Ice Radar System making manoeuvring simple and safe even in sub-zero icy waters.

This bespoke radar solution is part of the full Wärtsilä Nacos Platinum Integrated Navigation System, which also incorporates ECDIS, Conning and Trackpilot.

Navigation sensors such as Gyro, Speed log, sonar, echo sounders, compass systems, positioning sensors and DGPS, are connected to the system to provide heading, speed and position, and with a high degree of redundancy, it ensures safe operation.

Wärtsilä has been delivering Nacos Platinum systems to almost all explorer cruise vessels built in Norwegian yards since 2016, of which there are currently 14 in operation.

“Our reliable and proven portfolio for extreme weather conditions, huge experience and customised solutions have earned us the partner of choice in the explorer ship segment. We will continue to innovate and deliver to match our customer’s high expectations,” said Helge Kvandal, Sales Manager – Scandinavia, Wärtsilä Voyage.