Virgin Voyages launches agents ‘seacademy’

2021-01-11T21:57:43+00:00 January 11th, 2021|Marketing|

Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages has launched an e-learning seacademy platform for its ‘First Mates’ travel agent partners.

Seacademy is described as a one-stop shop and resource tool to help agents learn about the brand at their own pace and to also access perks.

Virgin Voyages said the training module is an extension of its ‘brilliant to do business with’ mantra, which sees it offer 16% commission on the cruise fare charged.

Shane Riley, AVP, International Sales, said: “We already have an extensive ‘First Mates’ learning programme, including face-to-face, Facebook lives, webinars and more.

“The development of our E-Learning platform is in direct response to requests from our ‘First Mate’ partners, offering them a meaningful format to learn at their own pace with clear bite size modules.

“We conducted a survey and 96% of ‘First Mates’ told us an e-learning platform would be a valuable addition,” he said.

The programme will feature four learning levels, ranging from Violet to Gold to build agents’ confidence in different sectors from destinations, onshore and on board events and gigs.

Each level will come with its own reward to encourage them to complete each tier at their own pace.

Benefits include access to upcoming pre-inaugural events, bonus commission vouchers, access to ‘First Mate’ rates and ‘sailor loot’ to spend on their own future voyage.

First Mates who complete each tier will also receive access to social media assets to promote their knowledge to their network and attract more interest from potential clients.

Violet tier is available now on If the first tier is completed on or before 31st January, they will receive an invite to sail on board either ‘Scarlet Lady’ or ‘Valiant Lady’ this year.