Viking Line reports good loadings

2024-01-13T13:46:06+00:00 January 13th, 2024|Marketing|

Last year was a very good year for Viking Line, as nearly 5 mill passengers sailed on the company’s vessels.

Between June and August, there were nearly 1.8 mill pax carried, and many departures during the summer holiday season were sold out well in advance.

The total number of passengers who sailed with Viking Line in 2023 was 4,897,494 (4,945,564 in 2022), which was a very good result given that capacity was reduced, with fewer vessels than the year before, the company explained.

For example, ‘Amorella’ ended her service for Viking Line in October, 2022 while ‘Rosella’ made her last voyage for the company in January, 2023.

In 2023, ‘Viking Grace’ and ‘Viking Glory’ saw the largest passenger increase, on the Turku/Åland/Stockholm route, with 2,123,647 (1,955,988 in 2022) people carried. Viking Line’s market share on this route was 72 %.

‘Viking Gabriella’ served the Helsinki/Åland/Stockholm route on her own during the year and carried 496,844 (515,445 in 2022) passengers.

During the summer, the vessel made an extra trip during the day, together with ‘Viking Cinderella’ between Helsinki and Tallinn. ‘Gabriella’ also undertook a number of special cruises during the year.

‘Viking Cinderella’ provided a cruise service between Stockholm and Mariehamn and carried 534,149 (517,354 in 2022) passengers. She also made special cruises to a number of destinations in the Baltic during the year.

On 17th January, 2023, ‘Rosella’, which operated on the  Mariehamn and Kapellskär route, was sold to a Greek buyer. She carried 16,190 pax in January.

‘Viking XPRS’ carried 1,655,548 (1,403,048 in 2022) passengers on the service between the Baltic capitals of Helsinki and Tallinn.

The number of passengers who sailed on special cruises and other routes was 71,116.

The total number of cargo units was 125,269, and the number of passenger cars carried was 563,081.

“We are ending a good year. In 2023, ‘Viking XPRS’ was re-flagged under a Finnish flag, and during the autumn we decided to do the same with ‘Viking Cinderella’, which will be re-assigned to the Helsinki/Stockholm route in spring 2024.

“The new financial year 2024 will be both exciting and demanding. We are following economic developments very closely and adapting our operations to meet the challenges we face.

“Last autumn, we formed a joint venture with the shipping company Gotlandsbolaget with the task of developing and providing cruises with ‘Birka Gotland’. We see great potential for this joint venture and have a generally optimistic outlook for Baltic Sea travel,” Jan Hanses, Viking Line CEO said.