VIKAND to manage Swan Hellenic’s medical needs

2021-09-26T17:46:42+00:00 September 26th, 2021|Safety|

VIKAND Medical Solutions, a maritime medical operations and public health provider, has signed a multi-year agreement with Swan Hellenic to manage all medical operations on board its expedition cruise ships.

With its guests’ passion for exploring the world’s most remote areas, robust healthcare and medical services are paramount to Swan Hellenic and fundamental for guest safety and peace of mind, the company said.

Andrea Zito, Swan Hellenic CEO, commented, “Swan Hellenic is a pioneering heritage brand with a reputation for anticipating guests’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of our sophisticated yet warm and informal guest experience and throughout our ships.

“While invisible to our clients, having VIKAND manage all the medical operations on board our new 5-star Polar PC 5 Ice Class expedition vessels—’SH Minerva’ and ’SH Vega’—means we can be sure to provide medical protection and care of the highest standards in any eventuality,” he said.

VIKAND medical management includes all aspects of on board medical care to provide a protected environment for guests and crew alike, to maintain operational continuity and reduce risk.

This includes medical facility operations, outbreak prevention and mitigation, emergency support, formulary and biomedical equipment management, medical staffing, and ongoing consultation.

“With new 2022 itineraries announced in July, 2021, VIKAND is working closely with Swan Hellenic to ensure a safe environment that completes the many measures it employs to create unforgettable guest experiences,” explained Tom Brady, VIKAND’s Vice President of Global Partner Relationships.

“VIKAND is excited to partner with Swan Hellenic, complementing the visible aspects of Swan Hellenic’s on board and exotic destination experiences in a behind-the-scenes role with an all-encompassing focus on healthcare systems and the required human resources to provide impeccable care should the need arise,” he said.