VIKAND signs up seven cruise lines

2019-09-13T21:01:42+00:00 September 13th, 2019|Marketing|

Maritime medical operations and healthcare solutions provider VIKAND, has launched the on board medical operations for seven new cruise lines this year.

These include Jalesh Cruises, Mystic Cruises, the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, Antartica 21, Aurora Expeditions, Scenic Cruises and Virgin Voyages.

In addition to expanding its cruise line client portfolio, VIKAND has also announced the the company continues to grow across the fleets of its existing cruise line partners, recently assuming medical operations for SAGA Cruises’ ‘Spirit of Discovery’, as well as ‘Viking Ocean Cruises’ ‘Viking Jupiter’.

“Operating a remote medical facility at sea presents various challenges that require professional management, and we are proud to have partners who confidently entrust us with such a critical responsibility,” said Peter Hult, VIKAND CEO. “The VIKAND team is comprised of dynamic and knowledgeable maritime medical professionals who work tirelessly to provide customised medical services, the latest biomedical technology, and world-class medical staff — giving our partners access to the very best resources while reducing their risk exposure.”

VIKAND is generally contracted 18 months to two years before the launch of a new cruise line or vessel to support the set-up of the on board medical centre. The company’s primary areas of focus includes layout and design of an on board medical facility, equipment and formulary recommendations, development of policies and procedures, purchasing and logistical support, as well as equipment installation.

VIKAND offers a range of healthcare service options, including a proprietary healthcare solution, a comprehensive biomedical and X-Ray programme, case and claims management, medical escorting and a customised wellness programme that includes crew maintenance and loss prevention.