VIKAND Partners with Meritech

2022-04-13T20:10:18+00:00 April 13th, 2022|Safety|

Global Healthcare specialist VIKAND has partnered with Meritech to promote its automatic handwashing system, the patented Cleantech.

“We’re really pleased to be representing Meritech’s automated handwashing system, as it has a proven track record of improving on board hygiene for both passengers and crew, particularly on board cruise ships.

“Positioning the systems in key areas to promote enhanced hand hygiene processes will support in effective infection prevention and control on board.

“At VIKAND, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new technology and innovative systems and Cleantech supports our commitment to ensuring good public health at sea,” said Len Quist, VIKAND’s Senior Vice President and General Manager.

Available in counter-top or wall-mounted options, CleanTech  automated handwashing stations are claimed to be sustainable and eco-friendly using up to 75% less water and waste than a traditional manual hand wash.

Spinning cylinders spray pressurised water and skin-conditioning hygiene solutions evenly across all surfaces of the hands, clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of dangerous pathogens in just 12 secs.

“Illnesses like norovirus and coronavirus pose a significant threat to public health and overall ship operations. Poor hand hygiene is a major contributor to the spread of disease, so with CleanTech automated handwashing stations, Meritech provides an effortless way to ensure passengers and crew get the perfect hand wash that removes more than 99.9% of pathogens every time.

“When we connected with VIKAND, we knew their expertise in public health solutions for the maritime industry would help us quickly bring our automated hygiene technology to ships during a time when they need it most. We look forward to working with VIKAND to on board handwashing innovation and increase the health and wellbeing of crew and guests,” Paul Barnhill, Meritech’s CTO said.

Meritech estimated that its automated handwashing systems account for around 10 mill hand washes at sea every year.

In another move, VIKAND has announced that its CEO, Peter Hult, has been appointed Honorary Consul of Sweden to the State of Florida.