VIKAND offers officer infection control training

2022-02-12T14:00:45+00:00 February 12th, 2022|Safety|

US-based maritime medical and public health specialist VIKAND Solutions has launched an online infection control officer training course for the cruise and commercial shipping industries.

This course equips crews from differing environments with an opportunity to learn more about infectious disease epidemiology and its application within the maritime sector, the company explained.

Taking around 30 hours to complete and consisting of nine modules with a final exam, the online course combines the theories and concepts of infectious disease epidemiology with core fundamental public health requirements and applies them to the real-world on board environment.

The course is delivered through a customised online learning management system exclusively developed by Simwave Academy, so applicants can study at their own pace wherever and whenever they want.

Marcel Kind, Simwave CEO, commented, “Our partnership with VIKAND in establishing the world’s first Maritime School of Medicine & Public Health, builds upon their experience and expertise in those areas. Together, with the launch of our infection control officer training course, we’re helping to bring medical and public health training to shipping operators everywhere.”

Each of the main modules has a self-assessment quiz included to allow students to test their knowledge as they navigate the training, while the final exam covers all the infection control topics discussed throughout the course’s duration.

“Although this training is aimed at those who preferably have a public health or medical background, it’s been written to accommodate those who do not. The importance of crew training in the application of on board infection prevention and appropriate response measures should not be understated as even the best written policies will struggle to be effective if staff are not properly trained,” said David Best, VIKAND’s Director of Public Health.

The course has been certified by class society RINA. Successful trainees will be given a validated certificate upon passing the final examination.

A maritime public health or medical background is preferred, but experience in key supervisory roles within maritime operations, or an education in complementary subjects, is also acceptable, the company said.