V.Ships Oceanic to manage Azamara’s hotel needs

2022-01-14T20:18:23+00:00 January 14th, 2022|Marketing|

V.Ships Leisure’s culinary company, Oceanic, is to manage Azamara Cruise’s hotel procurement and logistics requirements.

This follows the announcement that V.Ship Leisure had won the contract to manage the vessels, which were spun-off from Royal Caribbean last year into a new company.

Oceanic will support Azamara throughout the transition process to a new company to ensure that the newly independent cruise line maintains and further enhances its culinary experience on board, the company said.

“We’re delighted to have such a supportive and collaborative strategic partner in the form of V.Ships Leisure, and now its sister brand Oceanic, to support Azamara, as we voyage into a world of new opportunities as an independent cruise line.

“Oceanic was the natural choice for Azamara with its cruise dedicated team, focus on quality and close integration with the team at V.Ships Leisure. Furthermore, Oceanic’s global network will further support Azamara’s destination immersion experiences with locally procured delicacies from the ports we visit for our guests to enjoy.

“These initiatives, amongst others, will further our shared ambitions for ESG and make a positive impact through everything we do,” Azamara’s Chief Administrative Officer, Doug Parks, said.

V.Ships Leisure CEO, Per Bjornsen, added: “The extension of this partnership is the embodiment of our vision to be the partner of choice for cruise line start-ups and transformations. Together, we take Azamara to new heights.”

The Director of Oceanic’s Cruise division, Stefan Kern, commented: “With this procurement and logistics partnership, Oceanic looks forward to supporting the Azamara hotel operations team to deliver for their guests.”

“Oceanic is the culinary market leader for all types of ships, with this scale our dedicated cruise team is able to provide tailored services to our cruise line clients while leveraging our global procurement network to consistently deliver on quality,” he said.