Utensil spray to combat norovirus

2018-03-12T09:39:07+00:00 March 12th, 2018|Safety|

The quickest and easiest way to introduce bacteria and virus illness to the human body is by placing contaminated silverware inside the mouth, claimed Julia Samaniego of US-based Triple-S Co.

Scientific evidence shows that Norovirus cannot be eliminated by machine washing and anti-bacteria soaking, she claimed, adding that cooking and eating utensils are being overlooked as a major player in Norovirus contamination issues.

Triple-S has introduced a product to combat this – a spray for silverware and surfaces likely to be affected. After spraying, they should be allowed to air dry.

This solution is an alternative to wiping, which introduces cross contamination. The new concept of sanitising cooking and eating utensils can be used some 60 seconds before public use.

Why do cruise ships continue to have issues with Norovirus even with strenuous sanitising and disinfecting protocols?

Samaniego explained that laboratory testing has shown that norovirus particles still tend to live on eating utensils even after machine washing and anti-bacterial soaking.

The issue of silverware being offered to customers with possible live norovirus particles on them is being overlooked is a major issue, she claimed.

Silverware is also being touched, coughed on, sneezed on, accidentally dropped on the deck, etc, before customers use them.

The patent pending Triple-S sanitise silverware spray was especially created to combat this problem. It contains a 75% Ethanol/proprietary mix. With a concentration of 70%, Ethanol will eradicate more than 99% of the bacteria and coated viruses after 30 seconds of contact time. A full minute of contact time with 70% Ethanol is required to inactivate Norovirus, she said.

Triple-S could be made available on every dining table with a mandatory application on eating utensils before use, Samaniego explained.