USCG – Low flashpoint fuel exams for foreign passenger vessels

2022-03-26T14:27:09+00:00 March 26th, 2022|Technology|

The US Coast Guard’s Cruise Ship National Centre of Expertise (CSNCOE) and the Liquefied Gas Carriers National Centre of Expertise (LGCNCOE) issued a joint notice to provide guidance to cruise shipowners, operators and builders regarding USCG’s examinations for foreign passenger vessels built with fuel systems utilising low flashpoint fuels (LFF).

The USCG recently published the LFF Job Aid to assist Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) in verifying compliance with the International Code of Safety for Ships Using Gases or Other Low Flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code).

In addition, the CSNCOE has updated the Process Guides to assist PSCOs in verifying IGF Code compliance during initial, annual, and periodic certificate of compliance (COC) examinations.

The newly published CSNCOE Foreign Passenger Vessel Initial COC exam Work Instruction, Guide for Conducting ICOC Exams (MPS-WI-CSNCOE-05) incorporates the LFF Job Aid for examination procedures.