Underwater scrubber installations possible

2019-03-16T14:09:35+00:00 March 16th, 2019|Technology|

Subsea Global Solutions (SGS), working together with several scrubber manufacturers, has claimed to be at the forefront of scrubber system installation in cruise vessels.

Since 2014, SGS has been involved with the successful installation of more than 20 scrubbers (exhaust gas cleaning systems) on cruise vessels.

The underwater shiprepair expertise of SGS makes installation of complete scrubber systems possible without taking the vessel out of the water, avoiding any interruption to the vessel’s scheduled itinerary, the company said.

SGS involvement ranges from the installation of the sea chests, installing overboard discharge pipes, cutting hull openings for the sea chests, and installing gratings.

While SGS mainly provides support from the water side, the company has also been involved with welding projects related to scrubber system installation on the inside of vessels.

Sea chest design varies from conventional box designs to innovative pipe designs with diameters in excess of 1,000 mm.
Miami-based SGS has its own welding department, headed by a full-time welding engineer. Welding procedures for underwater wet welding and top side welding are in place with major classification societies, including ABS, DNV GL, and Lloyd’s Register.
The company claimed to be currently the only one worldwide that has a workshop approval from DNV GL for underwater wet welding, and has approvals from both DNV GL and ABS to perform permanent underwater wet weld repairs