Trelleborg offers foam fenders for cruise ship berthing 

2018-08-11T07:03:47+00:00 August 11th, 2018|Technology|

With cruise ships continuing to grow in size to accommodate the 27.2 mill passengers expected to cruise across the globe throughout 2018, it is vital that both terminals and berthing vessels are sufficiently protected.

To that end, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new brochure designed to help port and terminal owners and operators specify highly versatile foam fenders to meet the needs of the modern cruise terminal.
‘The Smarter Approach: Foam Fenders for the Cruise Industry’ details how Trelleborg’s foam fenders are an easy to use, low maintenance solution that provides many years of reliable service in cruise line operations.

Claimed to be easy to install, they offer a tough, heavy-duty fender solution for in harbour, offshore and ship-to-ship applications. Their resilient foam-filled construction provides an unsinkable fender body that permits high energy absorption with relatively low reaction force and hull pressures, the company said.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, said: “Modern cruise ships are larger than their historic counterparts and so carry more passengers and require a larger crew. In turn, this means more people are dependent on the safety and reliability of the port than ever before. And with the huge capacity of today’s vessels, comes the need for more efficient solutions port side, to accommodate and optimise intended economies of scale.

“As a long term supplier and partner to the cruise industry, we’ve gathered our extensive engineering expertise and sector specific knowledge to create the new brochure which provides port and terminal owners and operators with the knowledge they need to achieve faster turnarounds, increased throughput, improve safety and lower operating costs for both their facilities and the vessels that visit them.”

Trelleborg’s foam fenders share a construction technology centred on a closed cell polyethylene foam core and an outer skin of reinforced polyurethane elastomer, making punctures a thing of the past.
After several years of active service, the fender can be returned to the factory, re-skinned and made ready for a new lease of life. Even if damaged, foam fenders still function until repairs or replacement are possible.
To meet the needs of the modern cruise industry, they are available in a range of sizes and performance grades, as well as different colours.