Telenor Maritime to offer services to another ferry company

2022-04-13T19:51:23+00:00 April 13th, 2022|Technology|

Telenor Maritime has become the first provider to deliver connectivity services for passengers on board French ferry operator’s La Méridionale vessels.

The five-year contract, signed December, 2021, will provide passengers and crew with mobile and wi-fi services during a 39-hour long journey on board the ropaxes ‘Girolata’ and ‘Pelagos’.

Both ships are fitted with the Telenor Maritime Connectivity Platform, a solution that combines multiple connectivity sources and distributes the signal to on board services.

“To give our passengers the opportunity to use their mobile devices – it is a big milestone for us,” said Luc Szczypa, La Méridionale’s Sales Director. “The impact that these services will have on the passenger experience and crew welfare will be huge.”

Even during the first off-season winter months, the use of connectivity has been well beyond expectations, and the feedback from passengers and crew has been great, the company claimed.

Even though the Connectivity Platform automatically chooses the most economical connectivity source, it is Telenor Maritime’s flexibility to adjust supply to demand that was a crucial factor in La Méridionale’s choice of connectivity provider.

“This agile approach to connectivity was central in our consideration of on board services. Especially now, when COVID forces us to be extremely cost conscious, while passengers’ demands for better services keeps growing,” he added.

Telenor Maritime has provided connectivity services to the ferry sector for nearly two decades and with the signing of this contract, the company has further strengthened its position in the Mediterranean market.

Jan Espen Myhren, Telenor Maritime’s Sales Manager, said:

“I think it’s hard for most of us to imagine a 39-hour radio silence; being completely cut off not only from the Internet, but not even able to call or message your closest family. This is what ‘connecting people’ is truly about. It’s so uplifting and motivating to see our vision in action.”