Sustainable cruise indicators introduced

2022-08-12T16:55:16+00:00 August 12th, 2022|Environment|

Cruise Baltic has collaborated with consulting group COWI to develop sustainable cruise indicators.

These can be used globally to measure environmental sustainability in different cruising regions.

With the new tool, measuring sustainability will become easier and more concrete, Cruise Baltic claimed.

Environmental sustainability has many facets and measuring it can be challenging.

“This tool is a step in the right direction in order to make concrete changes in how different regions in the world define themselves as environmentally sustainable. By having a measuring tool, it’s possible to make accurate comparisons and define how each region can become more sustainable,” said Luis de Carvalho, CEO Bermello Ajamil & Partners Europe and one of the world’s leading port and destination development planners.

The indicators are a result of COWI’s experience in creating sustainable solutions and Cruise Baltic’s expertise in the cruise industry.

The tool involves four indicators – written strategy, communication on the strategy, emissions reduction during port calls and the management of waste and waste water.

“Sustainable development is in the interest of everyone, which is why we are very proud of our work with the sustainable cruise indicators. With this tool, measuring sustainability becomes more transparent and concrete for all parts of the cruise industry,” said Poul Sorensen, COWI’s Senior Project Manager for Society, Economics and Environment.

“Sustainable cruise indicators makes it easier and more transparent to evaluate sustainability work. By developing a tool like this, we hope to encourage destinations and cruise lines to be ambitious and to strive to be as sustainable as possible,” said Claus Bodker, Cruise Baltic Director (pictured).