Surikat renews contract with Stena Line

2021-09-10T21:56:37+00:00 September 10th, 2021|Technology|

Stena Line has renewed its contract with Surikat to supply terminal operating systems software.

Surikat and Stena Line signed the first contract in 2016, which was aimed at simplifying and digitalising damage checks and claims handling processes across the European network.

By the time of the contract renewal, Surikat was supplying Stena Line with a fully comprehensive software portfolio to help the running of operations across their 20 plus European terminals.

This year, talks began about upgrading Stena Line into the full ‘standard solution’, and as a result, Stena Line now uses the Lynx standard SaaS Terminal Operating System (TOS).

“We are very proud to extend our strategic partnership with Stena Line for five more years. Stena Line will now have access to the complete range of features offered in Lynx TOS, and Surikat will continue to benefit from Stena’s vast experience and expertise, as they contribute to our ongoing roadmap and standard product development,” said Andreas Karlsson, Surikat Director.

During the last years Stena Line has accelerated its digitalisation journey in all areas of the company, including ports and terminals operations.

”The continuous digitalisation and automation of port operations is vital for both Stena Line and our customers’ success in the future.

We continue to invest in Surikat’s system that enables us to improve the efficiency and streamline our processes in our ports and terminals, to improve the service to our customers,” said Carl-Johan Hellner, Stena Line’s COO, Ports and Digital Transformation.