Software solutions for the resumption of sailings

2020-07-27T15:39:46+00:00 July 27th, 2020|Technology|

After the forced shutdown due to COVID-19, several ships will soon resume service.

Operators TUI, AIDA, and American Queen will be able to take advantage of special software features offered by MarineXchange.

Cruise companies’ current priorities are capacity control, contactless processes for POS and tours, biometric technologies, logging of rapid tests/temperature measurements, contact tracing, special reporting, and auto-notifications. The recently released MXP Protect suite provides cruise companies with all those features, the company claimed.

“Thanks to the modular design of the MXP enterprise platform, we were able to make MXP Protect available to our customers in record time,“ said Johannes Lindthaler, MarineXchange Managing Director.

Licenses for the thermal imaging and facial recognition software solution are available for free to all cruise companies.