Software adopted for cruise ship building

2022-02-25T23:37:35+00:00 February 25th, 2022|Technology|

CADMATIC’s design and information management solutions have been used at Meyer Werft’s Turku and Rostock shipyards for over 10 years and at its Papenburg yard since 2018.

At the Papenburg shipyard, CADMATIC was recently used to support the ship design of a cruise liner with the capacity for 1,250 pax and of 144,000 gt that is to be delivered this year.

“After using CADMATIC for more than three years in Papenburg, and longer in other locations, I am convinced that CADMATIC Outfitting Design and Information Management software is the best choice for our complex and extreme scale ship projects. Our partnership with CADMATIC is a key element in our journey to the next level of data-driven shipbuilding,” said Meyer Werft CEO, Jan Meyer (pictured).

The use of CADMATIC allows Meyer Werft’s designers to focus on innovation and solutions that realise the best layouts and arrangements, instead of spending time on routine checks and steps that software can efficiently execute, the company claimed.

Meyer Werft said that it had run through the whole design cycle and is successfully building a cruise ship with the help of CADMATIC at Papenburg.

CADMATIC is an open software platform that can be easily integrated into Meyer Werft software landscape. It streamlines the process from design to production and seamlessly links with materials management and other systems, Meyer Werft said.

Data migration and conversion in the software are performed automatically to support Meyer Werft’s digital strategy and business processes include transfers of millions of parts between systems, ensuring production scheduling and execution accuracy.

“I am delighted that Meyer shares our vision of digital transformation and data-driven shipbuilding. Together we have shortened lead-times in design and construction, improved design quality, and harmonised the way of working across Meyer’s shipyards and its sub-contractors,” said CADMATIC CEO, Jukka Rantala.