‘Silver Nova’ bunkers LNG in Malaga

2023-11-30T21:25:29+00:00 November 30th, 2023|Technology|

The southern Spanish port of Malaga has carried out its first LNG bunkering operation on a cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean Group’s ‘Silver Nova’, operated by Silversea, received the LNG on 2nd November from two LNG trucks, which transferred the fuel simultaneously in two batches.

This operation involved collaboration between Royal Caribbean Group; LNG supplier, Repsol; Malaga Port Authority and transport company, ESK.

Earlier, Repsol and Royal Caribbean Group had collaborated in a three-month trial on a fuel formulated with 20% renewable fuel produced from used cooking oils on the ’Symphony of the Seas’.

Spanish energy company, Repsol said that these initiatives align with its commitment to the de-carbonisation of marine transport, with ‘a multi-technological approach using all available solutions’ to reach zero net emissions by 2050.

Trucks already regularly supply LNG to a Balearia ropax, operating out of Malaga.