ShipMoney signs up SeaDream

2021-10-14T19:35:38+00:00 October 14th, 2021|Technology|

Digital payment solutions company ShipMoney, has signed an agreement with luxury yachting vessel operator SeaDream.

In its 20th year, SeaDream has decided to ensure its crews are able to manage their finances wherever they are in the world by using ShipMoney’s digital maritime payment solutions.

SeaDream’s crews now have access to their wages in real time, enabling them to transfer money, make scheduled payments, buy goods online and check currency exchange rates before committing to a transaction, without having to leave a vessel.

“As the cruise and luxury yachting industries begin to reopen, we felt it was the right time to ensure that our crews did not have to worry about their finances by giving them the power to manage their money online using ShipMoney’s proprietary digital payments platform or using the ShipMoney app,” said SeaDream’s Founder, Owner & Chairman, Atle Brynestad.

“Using the ShipMoney’s payroll programme is very easy and cuts down on administration and wire transfer costs. It also reduces the amount of cash we have to carry on board,” he added.

As the expansion in digital solutions to provide operational efficiency continues to grow, ShipMoney has been facilitating cost saving programmes for crew, vendors and suppliers to the maritime industry by organising crew payroll payments, international corporate remittances, money transfers, mobile top-ups, payroll advances, on board expenses and other forms of shoreside and on board payments.

This significantly helps with crew welfare and mental wellbeing as worrying about money is one of the most significant factors in causing high stress levels amongst seafarers, the company said.

ShipMoney’s digital payment solutions gives control back to crew ensuring they get paid on time and have the ability to manage their finances online, the company claimed.