Self-cleaning technology for cruise ships

2021-08-12T18:13:03+00:00 August 12th, 2021|Safety|

US patented company SafeHandles has unveiled what it claims to be an easier way to keep common touch points on cruise ships clean 24/7 with no upkeep.

This antimicrobial company has introduced a clear adhesive that kills germs instantly and continuously by simply taping it onto surfaces.

For example, elevator buttons, door handles, stairwell bannisters, room key cards, buffet areas, fitness centres, recreation areas, children activity rooms, theatres, the casino, tender boats and many additional places stay clean when it is installed.

Self-cleaning pens with antimicrobial tape kill germs instantly and continuously no matter how many guests or staff touch them. These are ideal to put at customer service, guest staterooms, on board stores, and with the hospitality staff for signatures requested when interacting with guests, the company said.

PURE® Hard Surface is chemical-free, non-toxic, and kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus. It adapts with all lifestyles since there are no harmful chemicals involved. For example, a quick spray can be administered on tender boats as guests are transported back and forth from land.