Sea Cloud Cruises to plug into high speed Ka services

2022-09-12T22:38:31+00:00 September 12th, 2022|Technology|

Dualog Nordic has signed a contract with global communications company Viasat to supply Sea Cloud Cruises (SCC) with high-speed, Ka-band connectivity in Europe, the Caribbean and Central America.

Through a network of owned and partner satellites, Viasat provides high-speed connectivity with high bandwidth enabling passengers and crew on board to stream films or TV, browse at their leisure, or connect with friends and family back home.

“For many passengers, fast connectivity wherever they are in the world is an increasingly important part of the cruise experience,” said Adam Pazdzioch, Sea Cloud Cruises COO (pictured left).

“With Viasat technology on board, we know the system has the capability to reliably offer our international passengers better connectivity and speeds so they can stream those play off game highlights or share videos of their travels with friends and family.”

“At Viasat, we believe capacity is the catalyst to an exceptional Wi-Fi experience across all connected devices on the vessel,” added Stephen Light, Viasat’s Manager, Maritime Business Development (EMEA).  “The incredible volume of capacity enabled by our global satellite network allows us to offer consistent – and consistently fast – on board Wi-Fi at unmatched, cost-effective pricing.”

In addition, the upgraded consistency and speeds for on board Wi-Fi, combined with Dualog® Business Mail and Dualog® Drive products, will enable SCC to connect the ships with shore operations seamlessly, adding improved operational capacity.