Rolls-Royce unveils new mtu propulsion technology at SMM

2022-09-12T21:54:48+00:00 September 12th, 2022|Technology|

Rolls-Royce (RR) highlighted new mtu marine solutions for propulsion, automation and service at SMM in Hamburg last week.

The company presented methanol engines, fuel cell concepts, hybrid systems, diesel engines with exhaust after treatment and for use with sustainable fuels, as well as mtu NautIQ marine automation products.

For ferries, available next year will be the mtu Hybrid Propulsion Pack for mtu Series 2000 and 4000 engines.

The mtu Hybrid portfolio offers flexible propulsion solutions for ferries and other types of smaller vessels. The system combines diesel engines with electric propulsion modules, batteries, gear boxes, control and monitoring systems and other electronic components to provide speed, comfort, efficiency and local emission-free cruising, as required.

The mtu Hybrid Propulsion Pack is offered in a power range from 1,119 kW to 4,300 kW by the diesel engines, plus 165 kW to 743 kW by the electric motors per power train. The maximum propulsion power is 10,000 kW per vessel. To ensure the optimum propulsion solution for each type of ship, RR offers a modular kit with standardised components.

Last year, RR announced, through its ‘Net Zero at Power Systems’ sustainability programme, that it would realign the Power Systems business unit’s product portfolio so that by 2030, sustainable fuels and new mtu technologies would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35%, compared to 2019 levels.

“Since the last SMM in 2018, we have completely realigned our marine portfolio to actively support our customers on their journey to carbon neutrality,” said Denise Kurtulus, RR’s Power Systems’ Vice President Global Marine.

In 2026, the company will launch methanol fuelled engines, based on the mtu Series 4000, which could be used for fast ferry propulsion.

“We are clearly committed to methanol as a marine fuel for the future and want to be a pioneer here,” Kurtulus added.

Two years later, the company intends to launch mtu fuel cell systems.  RR Power Systems is already working on the development of fuel cell systems for marine applications.

RR is further developing its large marine engines, the mtu 1163 and 8000 series, to comply with the IMO Tier III emissions directive, the company also announced at SMM.

From 2025, the engines will be available in all cylinder variants – 16 and 20V respectively – in the power range between 4,800 and 10,000 KW. They will allow entry into the Emission Controlled Areas (ECA), for example in the Baltic and North Seas and off the North American coast.

RR said that it is also developing the necessary exhaust gas after treatment with its SCR system in order to be able to adapt it exactly to mtu engines and customer requirements.

The company’s aim in developing the SCR system is to give its customers maximum installation flexibility, as the system can be installed both horizontally and vertically and thus can be adapted to a wide variety of ship designs and layouts.

mtu engines of the 1163 and 8000 series have proven themselves for many years in fast ferries, among others, worldwide, RR claimed.