Resorts World Cruises looks to SES for satcoms connectivity

2024-05-28T20:41:16+00:00 May 28th, 2024|Technology|

Asian cruise ship operator, Resorts World Cruises, has signed an agreement with SES to install a fully-integrated medium earth orbit (MEO) and low earth orbit (LEO) service on the cruise lines’ flagship ‘Genting Dream’.

The installation of the MEO and LEO service will provide reliable high-speed connectivity, including unlocking a suite of personalised digital services ranging from entertainment, shopping to dining experiences on board.

Resorts World Cruises is the first Asian cruise line to deploy the new integrated offering, SES Cruise mPOWERED + Starlink PRO Service, enabling its guests to enjoy power connected applications across the ship’s on board accommodation, including the all-inclusive luxury Palace suites, spas, and entertainment venues.

Launched in 2023, SES Cruise mPOWERED + Starlink PRO is a fully integrated end-to-end service, which combines SES’ MEO and Starlink’s LEO satellite coverage to provide connectivity of up to 1.5 Gbps to meet the needs of both passengers and crew worldwide.

“At Resorts World Cruises, we are constantly striving to enhance our on board guests’ experiences with best-in-class hospitality and services, complemented by the latest innovations and technology offerings.

“In this digital age, state-of-the-art connectivity is at the heart of many vacationers. As such, we are delighted to engage SES to pioneer connected experiences at sea for the cruise market, whilst also making the most of this connectivity to optimise our operations,” said Michael Goh, Resorts World Cruises President.

“Reliable high-speed connectivity is an essential enabler for Resorts World Cruises’ ambition of redefining cruising, with world-class luxury accommodation, exclusive restaurants, spas and other facilities, as well as personalised tailored experiences for their guests,” added Simon Maher, SES’ Global Head of Maritime Cruise.

“With our fully integrated, end-to-end service that brings together the power of multiple orbits, we are proud to deliver unmatched connectivity that powers cruise liners’ cutting-edge on board offering and helps companies maintain their competitive edge.”