Resco introduces itinerary planner

2023-05-12T17:29:14+00:00 May 12th, 2023|Technology|

Reservations software provider, Rescompany Solutions (Resco), has unveiled a cruise itinerary planner.

This itinerary planner is claimed to be a revolutionary tool that enables the planning of cruise itineraries well in advance, based on various factors related to the ship, ports, sea-routes and fuel.

The planner allows a ship’s itinerary management for an entire season from a single dashboard.

It allows the following:

– the selection of the most appropriate sea routes between ports, taking into account fuel consumption and cost, distance, ETA, canals and straits, special zones and fuel types

– the manipulation of segments to decide on the most optimal itinerary, by changing ETD/ETA, adding or reducing sea days or port stay durations, inserting, removing or replacing ports, selecting an alternative sea route or using radius port searches

– effectively manage port status and agent collaboration, by raising and tracking berth reservations and port cost info requests with port agencies.